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Create a FREE account, explore the product, learn how to use it and only start paying after you get your first 50 contacts.

Limit of 50 contacts
Completely FREE
1 x Workspace included
1 x Agent seat included
1,000 WhatsApp 24h sessions *¹
Unlimited Instagram, Messenger & Telegram conversations
Unlimited SMS and Calls*²
Unlimited ChatGPT & Whisper usage*²
Complete CRM with pipelines
Smart Flow visual automation builder
Integrate 2 communication channel (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, SMS or Voice).
No Reply Agent branding in your messages
Max. 50 Contacts (You have the option to upgrade to Premium once you reach the limit)
Access to all integrations  (except ChatGPT & Whisper).
Up to 3 x Smart flows automations
Up to 48-Hour Email Support Response Time
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Premium Workspace plan
Limit of 1,000 contacts*
Included in Premium Workspaces
Every feature from FREE plan
5 x Agents included
Up to 3 communication channels integrations: WhatsApp number, Telegram bot, Instagram, Messenger, SMS, or Voice. You may add more but it will incur extra charges.
Full control to customize each agent access to specific features of the Workspace
Import/Export Contacts
Delete & Merge Contacts
Access to all integrations including OpenAI ChatGPT to create your own AI trained on your data & Whisper for automatic audio transcription
Broadcast to thousands of contacts with few clicks
Up to 24-Hour Email Support Response Time
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Enterprise plan
per Workspace (Introductory price)
Every feature from Premium Workspace plan
Minimun of 25 Workspaces
Unlimited Contacts!
25 Agents per Workspace included
White Label feature with a custom domain unlocked for all Workspaces
Fixed Price
Dedicated Account Expert
Premium Experience: Personalized 1:1 Product Onboarding and Premium Live Chat Support from Our Experts.
Exclusive Access to ReplyAgent Automation Experts
Setup fee: US$199 (one time)
Additional payment methods: Boleto or Pix (Brazil).
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Explore the Powerful Features of ReplyAgent

Max. Contacts per Workspace
Included Workspaces
Upon request
Price per Additional WorkSpace
Contact us
Included Agents in ea. Workspace
Contact us
Price per Additional Agent
Contact us
Build Smart Chatbots
Live Chat for Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and SMS
Roles & Permissions
A/B Testing
Canned Responses
Workspace Custom Branding
Contact us
Agency Custom branding
Contact us
Visual Smart Flow Automation Builder
Public API
Visual API
HTTP Request Module
Contact Merge
Integrations -, ChatGPT, Whisper, Microsoft Text to speech, Cloudinary, Active Campaign, ElevenLabs, etc...
Website widget
ReplyAgent branded


Story Mention Reply
Posts and Reels Comment Reply
IG Live Comment Reply
Default Reply
Conversation Starters
Persistent Menu
Keyword Trigger
URL Trigger
Quick Reply Buttons
Carousel Messages - Card

WhatsApp Business API - Official

Default Reply
Interactive List Messages
CTA Buttons
Carousel messages
Keyword Trigger
URL Trigger
Template Messages Management
Broadcast Template Messages


Default Reply
Conversation Starter
Main Menu
OTN - One Time Notification Tags
Subscription lists
Comment Reply
Keyword Trigger
URL Trigger
Carousel Messages - Card


Default Reply
URL Trigger
Keyword Trigger


Keyword Trigger


Automated Outgoing Calls
Call Forward
Multiple Numbers
Call & Connect
Custom Fields
Contact Segmentation
Import Contacts
Download Contacts
Create and Manage Agents
Create and Manage Teams
Round Robin - Equal Distribution
Round Robin - Priority Distribution
Artificial intelligence - Ai
Create multiple Knowledge bases
Chat history control
Temperature control
Feed the Ai with your website data
Feed the Ai with PDF
Feed the AI with a simple text
Whisper - Automatic transcription of incoming audio messages to text
Automatic handling of multiple questions
Supercharge your account

Poweful Add-ons

Boost your business growth with added functionalities to your accounts. Stay ahead with tools designed to propel your success faster!

Extra Workspaces

Add up extra workspaces (sub-accounts) for each new client you bring on board to your Agency account. Keeps things tidy and organized for smoother collaboration!

USD 16 ea.

Extra channels

Premium Workspaces allows 3 channel integrations each. Give more options to your customers by adding extra WhatsApp numbers, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, SMS, and Voice accounts.

USD10 ea.

Extra agents

Set up departments, add more agents, and give them specific permissions. Keep your team organized and in control of who can access what!

USD10 ea.

White Label - Agency

Replace our brand in your Workspaces with your own agency's logo, colors, and the generic domain to keep the ReplyAgent brand hidden from your clients.

USD 49 per month.

White Label - Workspace

Take it a step further by customizing the logo, colors, and domain of each of your workspaces independently, providing a personalized workspace with your client´s brand!

USD 16 ea.

How many contacts do you expect to have in your Workspace?

Price per Workspace is billed monthly, based on the number of contacts in each of your Workspaces.

👤 From 0 To 1.000 contacts  Workspace = $16
👤 From 1.001 To 10.000 contacts  Workspace = $35
👤 From 10.001 To 50.000 contacts  Workspace = $55
👤 From 50.001 To 100.000 contactsWorkspace = $70
👤 From 100.001 To 500.000 contactsWorkspace = $130
👤 From 500.001 To 1.000.000 contactsWorkspace = $200

*The above price above does not include the following add-ons: Extra Agents, Extra Channels or Custom Branding (White Label).

*¹ We don't impose any messaging fees, however, Meta does. Learn more about WhatsApp Business API Official pricing by clicking here.
² While we don't levy any additional fees, service providers such as Twilio, Microsoft, ElevenLabs,, ActiveCampaign, & Cloudinary may charge based on usage volume. Please consult their website for pricing.


What do I get when I create my ReplyAgent account?

When you create you account, you will get a FREE Agency account (That is basically an account that you can administer all of your Workspaces (sub-accounts), with one complimentary Workspace accommodating up to 50 contacts. Additional Workspaces require you to upgrade your FREE Workspace to Premium. Your agency account empowers you to create multiple independent Workspaces, each with its own cost, all manageable from your Agency account.


How many FREE Workspaces can I create in my Agency account?

Only your first Workspace is FREE. Should you require additional Workspaces, each one can be created starting at only $16 each.


What happens if I add more than 50 contacts in my FREE Workspace?

If your contact list hits 50 in your FREE Workspace, we'll make an attempt to charge your credit card to maintain full feature access. If we are unable to charge your credit card, your Smart Flows automations will be turned off.


What is an Agency account?

An agency account is a central hub that gives you full control over the workspaces of your clients. You can create workspaces for each of your clients and customize them with their branding, permissions, and settings. You can also add Agents, manage settings, and analytics for each workspace. You get an Agency account for FREE when you create your ReplyAgent account.


What is a Workspace?

Think of workspaces as sub-accounts. Each workspace has its own domain, login page, and branding, which you can customize with yours, or your clients' logo for a personalized experience.


Can I delete contacts to go back to under 50 contacts in my FREE Workspace?

No, once you surpass 50 contacts, your will not be able to revert your account back to the free plan.


What is the price for White Label?

You have 2 options: White Label your Agency for $49 and have all of your workspaces with your brand or pay is $16 per Workspace (subaccount) that you choose to customize with your client's brand. When you opt for White Labeling the Workspaces, you have the flexibility to alter the domain, logo, and colors of each Workspace independently.


How difficult is to install ReplyAgent in my own server?

There's no installation required as ReplyAgent is not an open-source project; it's an enterprise SaaS solution.


Can I have multiple clients in the same Workspace?

While it's entirely up to you, we recommend creating a separate Workspace for each client. This allows you to provide exclusive access to their own Workspace, where they'll find all their contacts, CRM, and Live chat features neatly organized separately.


What is the price for reselling?

There's no special pricing for reselling. The prices listed on this page are final. You have the flexibility to create a Workspace for your client and charge them directly at your chosen rates.


How much does it costs to use the OpenAI ChatGPT API?

The cost is based on your usage and charged directly from OpenAI. We do not charge any markup to use the API. To calculate your possible usage by clicking here:


How much does it costs to send WhatsApp messages using the official Business API?

Upon verifying your business in your Facebook Business Manager account, you will receive 1,000 free WhatsApp service messages per month. Any WhatsApp messages sent through ReplyAgent will be charged directly by Meta, with payments made by adding your credit card to your Business Manager account. Rest assured, there are no additional costs charged by us. To check out the prices, click here:


If there's no special pricing for reselling, my clients could potentially purchase directly from here. How to avoid that?

You can prevent this by white-labeling their Workspace. With white-labeling, you can customize the logo, colors, domain, and even the email address used for password reminders and agent invitation emails. This ensures that your clients won't even realize they're using ReplyAgent. The price to White label a Workspace is an additional $16 per Workspace only.